1. **YUNZHILUN iMortor 26 inch Smart Electric Front Bicycle Wheel from gearbest.com. Price: $259.99. Discount: 21% off. Categories: Tech, Sponsored, Outdoor and Sports, Cycling, Electric Bikes. Deal Rating: 4.71 Stars out of 5. Store Rating: 5 Stars out of 5. Deal Recommendation: Strongly Recommended. Available Until: November 6, 2017. Thoughts: Convert your traditional bicycle into a powerful electric bike in a minute with our smart electric front bicycle wheel! It’s designed to replace your 26 inch wheel for longer mileage and faster speed. Powered by a 240W motor, it can achieve up to max 50km mileage at moped mode. And with the help of App, your cycling journey will be more wonderful than you ever expect. 51 pieces left.

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Gearbest Deal- 21% off YUNZHILUN iMortor 26 inch Smart Electric Front Bicycle Wheel (Oct 30)
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